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My Destination Club is dedicated to allowing you to travel for as little cost as possible and our yearly membership allows you to save even more! Let us help you find your Destination. Club levels: Bronze Membership: $75 per year, 5% discount off of base cruise rates and land tours Silver Membership: $125 per year, 7.5% discount off of base cruise rates and land tours Gold Membership: $175 , 10% discount off of base cruise rates and land tours Memberships are 1 year long and the discount counts towards family members and/or couples traveling together (maximum 6 members). Some restrictions apply; there are some lines like Crystal and Scenic River Cruises that do not allow discounting of any kind, however, the membership will be valid for about 90% of our cruises and tours. What Is A Base Fare and How Does the Membership Work? Cruise fares are made up of the base fare, port charges/fees, and govt taxes. Land tours and resorts in general have the base fare as well as govt taxes. The base fees are what we are able to discount for you, as we have no control over the port charges and taxes. I have an example below for you. Say you book a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Caribbean for 7 nights. The cost of this trip is made up of: A Base cruise fare of $1099 per person Port Charges are $225 per person Govt Taxes are $112 per person For a total cost of $2872 for 2 people. With a 10% discount (Gold Membership) from My Destination Club you would save $109.90 off of the cost of this trip ($1099 per person x 10%). Any following trips during the year would increase these discounted savings! Please email us if you have any questions at all before buying a membership.


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